Thursday, March 30, 2006

Rabbits for Easter or for Something Else!!

Rabbits are great for Easter but they are also quite wonderful for other things. If you take a look at the picture to the left you will see the Ravenous Rabbit. This incredible sex toy is part of a class of sex toys I like to refer to Rabbits/Beavers(R/B). This group of adult toys got their names mainly from Japan where they started. Because in Japan at one time it was illegal to produce sex toys that looked like a penis. So the Japanese took it upon themselves to make sex toys to resemble sea and woodland creatures. These names include:Rabbit, Beaver, Dolphin, Jack Rabbit, Osaki Twister, Hop'n Rabbit and many more. That is how these perfect sex toys came about. Now we are going to take a look at a few of these products and talk about the differences so that you can make an educated buying decition

when you are ready to get one of these R/B.

If you take a look up top and to the right you will see a ravenous rabbit and to the right an osaki twister. Both of these R/B's are on the lower end of the price scale. Now when we are talking about the R/B's there are a few different things that we want to address. First off what all does it do. For the most part there are three things that these vibrators do. One is the shaft rotates to try and find the g-spot. Now I know that some of you believe in the g-spot and some of you don't and I can understand that but this motion will stimulate the inside of the vagina weather it finds the g-spot or not. Second if you take a close look at the top of the osaki twister right above the controls you will see a large lump with a little point on it. This part of the twister rests on top of her clitoris and vibrates. For a lot of women out there clitoral orgasms are all that you have ever had if you have had one at all. I know a female in her forties that had her first real orgasm not to long ago and it was because of one of these R/B style vibrators. So that bump on top of the vibrator sets right on the clitoris

and vibrates until you climax. That is one of the best things about these sex toys is that they continue to work until you have an orgasm. They don't get tired they don't complain and they don't need anything except a new battery every now and again.

Now take a look at the Impulse Jack Rabbit to the left over here. Now we have stepped it up a notch in the ol price game. Now we have added another level to the orgasm game as well. You see those beads in the middle of the shaft. Well those beads rotate to pleasure the opening of the vagina witch we all know is very sensitive. You add that to the rotating shaft searching for the g-spot and the rabbit ears vibrating the clitoris. Now you have an orgasm making rabbit. One woman I know said "every woman should own one of these". And I agree there is nothing else on the sex toy market today that can take a woman to an orgasm faster than one of the R/B vibrators.

Next question on your mind is why do they all cost different amounts? That is a good question. First of all we talked about the fact that these sex toys had three basic functions right. Well some of the lower priced products don't do all of them. And some of the lower priced products only have one speed. Now the higher the price the more options you are going to have on your R/B. For example if you take a look to the right over here there is another rabbit it is called the High Joy rabbit. The neat thing about the high joy rabbit is that you can plug it right in to your computer and over the internet your partner can direct the rabbit to do whatever they want. This is great for people that travel a lot and like to play with one another over long distances. Now this rabbit is over 100 dollars and does a lot of different things. Now you ask yourself what is an orgasm worth. Is is worth 1 dollar, 5 dollars, 100 dollars for those ladies out there who have never had one it is probably worth a lot more than that.

Now over there to the left is another R/B type vibrator called Decandent Indulgence.Now when I think about a decadent
indulgence I think of something that overwhelmes the senses and takes me to a place where all of the stress and pressure of the day just disappear. Like eating a really expensive piece of chocolate. This sex toy got its name because when you use it there is nothing else but you and your pleasure. For you ladies out there that are going to use one of these by your self why not splurge a little and get a top notch R/B. This one has eight levels of accelerating vibrations and three unique patterns of graduated rhythmic motion. Feel the 9 strategically placed heavy duty rotating pleasure beads not to mention the well endowed deep penetrating rotating head. This sex toy attacks all the pleasure sensors on the woman's body and makes them explode.

Now I know that all of these R/B products are good and you really only need to spend 30 to 50 dollars on one but if you want all the bells and whistles you gotta drop a little more coin. And when you think about it how many orgasms will one of these R/B's give you. They don't wear out at least I have never seen one wear out so the amount is limit less. So play all you like this sex toy isn't going anywhere.

One more thing that I would like to address before I let you get to shopping for one of these orgasm making toys. (goto ) I have heard that a lot of guys out there are intimidated by these adult toys. They say that they can't compete with them. You would be right. You can't compete with a machine that has one sole mission and that is to make a woman have an orgasm is a matter of seconds. I am pretty good at multi-tasking but I can't compete with one of these R/B. And besides that why would you want to compete. All you have to do is kick start one of these bunnies and let it go to work a few seconds latter you have one hot and horny lady that wants to attack you. There is no replacement for a manly penis and I can tell you right now she will be all about getting into your pants after you use the rabbit on her. She will love it and so will you. Don't be afraid just get in there and have some fun. That is what having sex is all about. If you are uncomfortable talk about it and get comfortable. Now if you have any questions or comments send them to me.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Phallix Glass

As you can see by the beautiful display of phallix glass artwork above there are a great number of different variations on the one concept. We are going to look at how Phallix glass came about and look at all the different products that they offer. All of witch you can purchase at XJays Adult Playground.
Not to mention that they have the best prices on the net for phallix glass products. Lets get this started by finding out who is responsible for Phallix Glass. That would be the CEO Rick Plank. Rick came from a career in the music business. He worked at A&M records and did some work for interscope as well. There he worked with big names like Tupac and Primus.

After leaving the music biz Rick went to work for one of his friends in the glass making trade. At that time they were making hand blow glass smoking pipes. He got really good at selling these glass pipes. Then the big bomb hit, 1995 Jerry Garcia died. So he got a bunch of these guys that make glass pipes together and started a business in which they sold hand blown glass pipes. So a bunch a hippies and Rick started selling glass pipes all over the place. Soon Rick started to look around to find another area in witch these hand blown glass pieces of art could be used. That's when he saw a company making some low quality glass sex toys. He got some of his glass artists to come up with some feature pieces and they went to the AVN show in Las Vegas.

There in Vegas they were seen by everyone and received a lot of good press especially from Playboy, Penthouse, Wicked, and Vivid. These same people that they meet, helped them get recognition in the biz and got them started on the rollercoaster that is Phallix glass today. The Phallix glass company has doubled its business every year since its inception. Now Rick is targeting the overseas market as well.

This high grade glass is called Borosilicate Glass and one of its brand names is Pyrex glass. Phallix uses German Schott glass witch is more Pristine than Pyrex. Anyway they are both medical grade glass that is highly durable and will stay beautiful as long as you have it. The colors will not wear off because they are inside of the glass. Besides being solid and beautiful they are quit functional as a sex toy. These glass sex toys can hold heat and cold very well in fact try sicking one in the freezer for about 10 minutes or putting one in a bowl of water and putting it in the microwave for three minutes. Both of these extreme temperatures with mess with your senses especially in those sensitive areas.

So what do we know.
1: Phallix glass is medical grade
2: Phallix glass Is easy to clean and take care of
3: Phallix glass is beautiful
4: Phallix glass Holds heat and cold
5: Phallix glass is made by Glass Artists(Hippies)

Now what does Rick and the gang over at phallix do next you ask? They go and get the big ones. Hustler magazine cover, High times magazine cover, featured in xxx porn movies. People are literally loving these things. They get coverage on the playboy channel. Not a whole lot of companies getting those kinds of promo advertising these days. What a great job Rick has. Going to photo shoots with sexy women using his product.

So what is the big deal you say? Have you seen these things well I am going to show them to you. I will walk you through the jungle of phallix glass.

As you can see by the phallix glass dildo to the left(FP-7) they are built to do a job. They are built to give pleasure and let me tell you that the smooth hearty feeling of these bad boys is out of control. They are incredibly smooth because of the glass. With some great lubricant you can't beat the feeling that these sex toys bring. The little bumps all over the shaft of this glass cock will make you wiggle like a wet noodle.

But I have to tell you there are many more shapes and colors to choose from for instance the next piece that we are going to look at has what is called dichroic paint inside of it. Dichroic paint is what NASA uses to protect and reflect light in the space ships glass and on the astronauts suit and visor. This highly reflective material makes for a great paint. Its very expensive and hard to work with that is one reason the dichroic pieces are so much more money.

So to the left here is one of the dichroic pieces. Can see that it has little stars all over, that's because they used star etching on the piece. This one's stock number is FP-18ST. These things go mostly by stock numbers although I think they need names. But who am I anyway. I know that it is hard to see on the picture but the rainbow coloring that is wrapping the shaft is very shiny and reflective. The piece is more like an incredible piece of glass art. However it is also a very effective sex toy. And what's great is it will never tarnish or fade because the dichroic is inside the glass. Now there is another very specific kind of work these guys do and it is called lattachino.

The lattachino is when they braid the colors together inside of the piece. That makes for a very interesting effect inside the glass.

kind of looks like human DNA strands inside of the glass doesn't it. If you take a look to the picture on the right. That is a FP-10M. It is the smaller version of the FP-10. Notice how incredible they all look. These artists really go out of their way to make these products jump out at you.

Now we have seen different colors on the inside how about different colors all together. Next is A FP67.1. The body is cobalt
Blue and it has that sweet dichroic paint up top making a head on the top of this adult toy. There are plenty of other colors to take a look at but I am more interested in styles. Now we have seen the very smooth and the very bumpy pieces now how about the pieces that are designed to hit that g-spot.
These color wrapped g-spot SH-1's are called Mister Squiggly. These actually have a name witch I like. Anyway take a look at the bumps stratigically placed on the one side of the dildo. Those bumps are there for a reason and that reason is called the g-spot. I know, I know, no one knows if it is there or not. You just have to practice trying to find it and if you do that's great if you don't then keep trying. It's not like your having great sex or anything. That is what all this is about right. Having great sex. I know that is what I strive for. The better the sex the better the relationship is in my opinion.

Alright enough of my opinion's or we will be here all day, right. Next up in the phallix line up is the Juicer. I know you say Juicer what the heck does that mean. Well if you look at the top of the head on this piece to the right it looks like a juicer top. I can tell you that the juice will be a flowin when you use this thing. They call it a rotary dildo. So you insert the piece into the vagina and you spin. The little bumps on the face plate rotate on the clit and wala presto chango you have an orgasm. What could be better than that right. It's easy for the guy all he does is insert and spin. Easy for the ladies couse all they do is hang out and wait. It will come I assure you. Next up is the Love Batons.
What is great about this phallix product is that it comes with a handle so that you can use it on yourself when your partner isn't home. It can be our little secret I won't tell. All love batons come with a handle and there are plenty to choose from. Bumpy, Smooth, Dichroic, and lattachino there all there just got to pick one.

Now for the next couple of items from phallix glass we are going to quickly summarize. These items include the double ended dildo and the double penetration ray guns. As you can see these

Products are not for everyone but the people that do buy these kinds of products find them to be perfect.

Above the Ray gun is a FP-43AM and the Double ended dildo is a DC-56 both of witch are available at XJays. Now for all you anal lovers out there the did not forget you. We have a couple
of butt plugs available to you. Taking a look to the left over here you will see the FP-47. This butt plug is 4.5" tall and 1.5" wide. The heads on the butt plugs are .75" to 1" larger than the body. The large bases on the butt plugs keep them from disappearing completely. Again the completely smooth texture of the glass makes for a seamless entrance and exit. Be sure to purchase plenty of lube when you get your Butt plug or any sex toy for that matter. The more lubrication the better it feels and the safer it is.

Alright just a few more products to go and our tour of the phallix glass team will be over. Now our next product if fairly new but I am very excited about it because it is so different from anything that I have ever seen before.

They are called Phallix Precious Steel. They are precision made polished chrome alloy and stainless steel erotica. If you take a look to the right you will see one shiny dildo.

As you can see this is a whole new ballgame for phallix to consider. They have taken these and encrusted them with jewels. They have made juicers out of the material. As you can see the possibilities are endless for this kind of sex toy. I don't know what the future holds for the guys over there at phallix but we will always be watching and wondering what they will come up with next. I am going to put a few more pictures at the bottom of this post for you guys to take a look at. Thanks for reading about phallix and keep on coming back for more updates. If you would like to add this blog to your RSS the link is Thanks,

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Sybaris Getaway!

As you can see from this picture above the Sybaris is one of the sweetest places I have ever been. My wife and I are both professional people. High stress jobs. Both of us with high goals for ourselves and just trying to make the right decitions all day long. Man I tell you there is nothing like going to the sybaris. It is the time when we come together and say time to get away just the two of us. We get all giddy like little kids when we know it is coming because we have to plan it a month in advance to meet both of our scedules.

Now if you take a look at the picture to the left here you will notice that there is even a slide in the room.
What is great about this place is that you are away from everything you know what I mean. Nothing around the doors are closed. There are no windows in the place wich is so nice. It is dark and when you first walk into your room they have some jazzy music playen. You close that door and it is like the whole world is on the outside of that door and your tucked away in your little den of heven. You have a pool and a hot tub all to your self. You can swim in the little pool and wade around like you don't have a care in the world. That place is your awasis in the land of civilaztion. You know what I mean the world has become so complicated all of the sudden. You are trying to pay your bills so both of you are working just so you can have a nice car and a decent place to live. If you don't have two incomes today you just might not make it. You know. So everybody is working so hard and schedules are conflicted everything is lost in the hustle and the bustle of today.
Sorry, had a relapse. I was talking about the serenity of the sybaris. Ok so there are no windows and only one door. They have a TV with cable of some sort right and they also have a stereo with a dvd player and vhs player. A cd and cassette player for you good ol boys. All this stuff so you can enjoy yourself. There is a little fridge under the sink and the bathrooms are huge and have two tolets you know the whole buday thing. Anyway you usually get some swanky robes to wear. Basically every thing is spot on if you know what I mean.

I love the suites with the pools in them that is my favorite. You get a little buzz on and lay around in the water OOOOOHHHHHH. I can just imagine myself there right now!!!!
Ok I am alright just day dreaming. The sybaris that we usually go to just got these sweet chairs from sharper image. The are massage chairs and man do they do the trick. I know so many people going to the chiropracter these days and getting massages and adjustments. These massage chairs may solve a lot of that. After our last visit we looked at the chairs to purchase one and they are quite reasonable. Check these things out at Sharper image.

The I Joy Turbo 2 is what it is called. These things are the way to go let me tell you. This thing feels like someone is actually giving you a massage. You can make the thing as hard or as soft as you would like it. This thing will massage your back from top to bottom. You can lay the back down all the way if you want and just lay there and let this thing put you to sleep. I will get in it and it has this thing where you can just start it and it will do all the different parts of your body all in one session for like 15 miniuts. So I just lay there for like a half an hour when we first get there. Now I am loose and ready for some water sports.

After I have had enough of the chair from heaven I will normally go take a dip in the pool. I like it so its just below your body temperature so you can just sit there and float around. Keep in mind this place is totally cut off from everything. No phones, no window, no people except for your lover!!

Now the two of you are nice and loose your all alone with no kids. No office calling you. No clients on your back trying to get you to bend over backwards for them. Just the two of you alllll alone. This brings me to my next point what do you do when your all alone. I know what I do but we all are different. So I recomend taking a look a place called XJays. This place has got it all. If your looking for some weekend getaway gear or maybe some weekday adventure gear these guys have got it. There logo is Before the Wedding and After the Honeymoon! If that tells you anything.

Anyway Back to the Sybaris. Your all alone in this buetiful room with your jazz music playing and the fireplace going. Everything is perfect. Have a glass of wine and just enjoy your self and each other.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Liberator Love Pillows

I know that some people out there don't even know what a Liberator Pillow is. That is one of the reasons for doing this whole thing. The Liberator Line of love pillows has got to be the best thing to have come to sex since the Kama Sutra. These things allow you to create new positions with ease. They allow you to get into positions that you would have never dreamed of before as well. The wedge is there signature piece with it's 27 degrees of elevation it gives you and her the right angle for not only deeper penetration but more concentrated penetration. This thing really works for all the right reasons. If you are into oral you can't beat the position it puts you in for some fun.

If you take a look at the picture of the wedge and the sexy little thing posted on it you can see what I mean. Now if you would like to purchase one of these kinky little pillows all you have to do is go to one of my favorite web sites for stuff like this. It is called XJays Adult Playground. The playground has all the stuff you need to get the party started in the bedroom. And they have the best prices on liberator pillows that you will on the net. Lowest prices and the highest customer service makes for a great place to shop for your favorite bedroom adventure gear.

Any way back to the Liberator Pillows. Next up in the Lineup of adult pillows comes the Ramp. The Ramp can do a lot for you sex life as well. It's 10 to 14 inches of lift allows her to present herself in a variety of ways. Doggie Styling is a lot more fun and Missionary feels better than it ever has. Not to mention girl on top gets her an extra couple of inches and all the g-spot attention she can handle. Talk about an incredible pillow. You will never want to give this thing up. Trust me!

That is the wedge and the ramp now we put these two together and what do you get. The
Wedge/Ramp Combo is the offspring of the wedge and ramp mating ritual. Just kidding when you combine these two products you have something that defies reality. If you are ready to have a lovemaking marathon in your bedroom go out and get yourself the combo. Where else can you spend that little amount of money and have that much fun. Not only will you thank yourself and your partner will thank you but your body will thank you like never before. This thing will give you Hot Fresh sensations that will yield bigger,longer and harder orgasms that happen more often.

Next up in the Liberator line is the Stage. I know that sounds a little like you are going to have to perform or something. Actually this piece can help you perform wonders on your partner. This piece just gets you off the floor or bed so you can use your legs to make things happen. Your legs give you more leverage and can make your lovemaking sessions very intense.

If you add the combo to the stage you can get into some positions that defy gravity and will take you and your partner to a place that many have not been. Total and complete satisfaction. If you think that you can take care of someone's sexual hunger now imagine what would happen if you had this bedroom adventure gear on your next sexual adventure. I do recommend taking a break every now and again. Also don't forget to get some great water based lubricant. I know a lot of you out there are going do I really need it. Trust me when you get these pillows you are not going to want to stop bumping and grinding for hours and hours. The lubricant will keep you from getting soar and will keep the movement going and going and going. Again visit the Playground for all your lubricant needs. I know the guys over at xjays have more than just pillows and lubricant let me tell you. What is great about that store is everything is right there. The price is right on every page next to every product so you don't have to go searching around just to get a price. You add what you want to the cart and check out. When it gets delivered it is in a plain brown box and no one needs to know what is in it. Anyway lets get back to the Liberator pillow stuff again.

Next up in the lineup of pillows is the Cube. I know what you are thinking how can a cube help me out with sex. First off take a look at the picture. Now can you imagine coming up from behind and making your move. Who wouldn't take care of business if this was the business you were in. I know I would. The thing is in this position He feels huge and she feels tight. What more can you ask for.

Now let me tell you about the next piece on our tour of the Liberator lineup. This is the largest piece that they have and in my opinion the coolest piece that they have. The Esse is what I am talking about. I don't think that there is a place on this incredible love couch that you couldn't get down on. It has all the right curves just like a woman. You can start at the top and work your way down. Not to mention it is absolutely the most comfortable couch you have ever sat on. This thing can do it all. The Esse comes with a mini scoop that fits in the curve to give you more ways to make it work to your benefit. Take control of your sex life and get into a Liberator product today.

Anyway that is my opinion about the Liberator Line of Love pillows. If you have any questions or comments please let me know!

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