Wednesday, May 17, 2006

First Review for the 7th Heaven Teddy Bear

Here is XJays review of the 7th Heaven Teddy Bear. The teddy bear in the the rabbit/beaver category of sex toys. Maybe better known is the multi-function sex toy. The teddy bear is distributed by Pipe Dreams and as far as I know only comes in one color. When we received the teddy bear my wife was all excited about it because she loves her other beaver(we will get to that shortly)and was hoping that the upgrade was going to be great. When I removed the teddy bear from its package, witch looks exactly like the picture, I noticed how heavy it was. It felt like it was constructed well not flimsy or easily breakable. I liked that for sure. One of the stranger things that I noticed when looking at the sex toy was the metal looking center piece. I didn't realize how mechanical it looked until I received it. All in all it was what I ordered and what I expected from the adult toy.

The next thing that I did is put batteries in it. Very easy to do just pull the back cover open and pull out the middle section of the battery pack. The thing about the batteries is that you have to put four AA batteries into it. You wouldn't know that by just removing the back cover you have to remove the battery pack in there and turn it around to see that it needs two more batteries. That's not so bad but the fact that there is nothing telling you to do that is the thing. I can see people putting the two batteries in the thing and going why doesn't it work. I think there should be some kind of diagram or something somewhere either on the box or in a little insert or something. But anyway when you do get the batteries into the sex toy that's when the fun begins.

So I have the batteries in the teddy bear and now I get to give the sex toy it's first test run. there are four buttons on the teddy bear. The first is the on off button so I turned that on first. Then I hit the 7th heaven button. That is how it is labeled but what it does is makes the little teddy bears hands vibrate. So I hit the vibrate button on the console. The console by the way is very stylish and easy to operate. When I hit the button the teddy bears hands started to vibrate and then I hit it again and they vibrated faster and the third push they got very fast. The next four pushes of the button were the ones that I couldn't believe. One of them was like Morris code it would vibrate at different lengths and different intensities. Another push of the button and the vibration was on like some kind of cycle. It would slowly intensify and then stop and go back down and slowly intensify again. The last two pushes of the 7th heaven button are different degrees of these two functions. So to sum up that button you can adjust what kind of sensation that feels the best on your clitoris to make you climax. If you like it fast or slow or an escalation of vibration the 7th heaven teddy bear has got it.
Now for the other button. It is labeled rotation and it has a off and on arrow on both sides of a lighted bar. When you press the on button the first bar comes on like a signal bar on your cell phone. As you press the on button the more bars go up the scale and the faster the rotation becomes. Not only does the head of the vibrator start to move but the mechanical balls in the middle of the shaft also start to rotate. There are five bars of rotation speed and if you press the off button the speed of the rotation and the amount of bars goes down. What is great about this is you can dial in the right speed of rotation for the best orgasm.

Ok to sum up what I have experienced so far is I like the shape and the feel of the sex toy. I like the adjustable functions and the control panel. What I don't like so far is the way the battery compartment works or the need for more information regarding it.

Now comes the real test I will hand it over to the other half and see what she thinks about it.
Her first impression was that the mechanical looking balls in the middle remind her of her last gyno appointment. But besides that she liked the size and the buttons were easy enough to understand.

We always try out the products that we test a couple of times to make sure of what we liked and disliked about a sex toy and that is the next section of our review.

Performance) The performance section of the review talks about how everything worked during sex. Now obviously this part is going to come from her. What she said during the first and second trial was that she didn't like the mechanical beads so much. I think a lot of that had to do with the fact it reminded her of the gyno visit but that was a concern. She also didn't like the fact that the teddy bear or clitoral stimulant has two hands that stimulate the clitoris on either side but don't really touch the clit at all. With all fairness I have to say that her clitoris does not get very big so that may be one problem that out of all of this we really pinpoint. If you have a small clitoris or your doesn't grow a great deal that this may not be the product for you. However if your clitoris does grow or is large that this product may be just what you are looking for. So needless to say my wife didn't like that 7th heaven teddy bear that much. She did say that maybe a little more manipulation you could get it to work better. Like I said maybe just not the right sex toy for her. Again on my end all I do is work the control panel and that seemed to work fine for me.

Now as far as pricing goes I have the product fairly priced on my site at 52.99 and that seems to be pretty fair for what you get to me. It is not the cheapest multi-function you can get but there are a lot of upgrades on this one for the price as well. I have come up with a scale to test new products that come out and I am calling it the clydesdale scale. It goes from 1 to 10. It measures how many clydesdale's it would take to pull this toy out of your woman's hands. I don't think that it would take no more than 1 Clydesdale to remove this sex toy from my wife's hands so I am giving the 7th heaven teddy bear a 2 on the clydesdale scale because of its design and ease of use. Now this could be different for your woman like I said. You may not be able to take this thing from here hands with ten Clydesdale's.

Now if you take a look at my site at XJays adult playground you will find a lot of different rabbit/beaver type sex toys. We are going to try to test out as many of these adult toys as we can and I have enlisted a couple of other couples to do some research for me as well. I would like to review all of the products that I offer at XJays but that will take some time so if you have any comments or would like to write a review about a product that you have used and liked or disliked please let me know. My email is Don't hesitate to send me any information that you would like. I love to hear about how people like or dislike products and It helps me put the right inventory together.


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