Monday, March 06, 2006

Liberator Love Pillows

I know that some people out there don't even know what a Liberator Pillow is. That is one of the reasons for doing this whole thing. The Liberator Line of love pillows has got to be the best thing to have come to sex since the Kama Sutra. These things allow you to create new positions with ease. They allow you to get into positions that you would have never dreamed of before as well. The wedge is there signature piece with it's 27 degrees of elevation it gives you and her the right angle for not only deeper penetration but more concentrated penetration. This thing really works for all the right reasons. If you are into oral you can't beat the position it puts you in for some fun.

If you take a look at the picture of the wedge and the sexy little thing posted on it you can see what I mean. Now if you would like to purchase one of these kinky little pillows all you have to do is go to one of my favorite web sites for stuff like this. It is called XJays Adult Playground. The playground has all the stuff you need to get the party started in the bedroom. And they have the best prices on liberator pillows that you will on the net. Lowest prices and the highest customer service makes for a great place to shop for your favorite bedroom adventure gear.

Any way back to the Liberator Pillows. Next up in the Lineup of adult pillows comes the Ramp. The Ramp can do a lot for you sex life as well. It's 10 to 14 inches of lift allows her to present herself in a variety of ways. Doggie Styling is a lot more fun and Missionary feels better than it ever has. Not to mention girl on top gets her an extra couple of inches and all the g-spot attention she can handle. Talk about an incredible pillow. You will never want to give this thing up. Trust me!

That is the wedge and the ramp now we put these two together and what do you get. The
Wedge/Ramp Combo is the offspring of the wedge and ramp mating ritual. Just kidding when you combine these two products you have something that defies reality. If you are ready to have a lovemaking marathon in your bedroom go out and get yourself the combo. Where else can you spend that little amount of money and have that much fun. Not only will you thank yourself and your partner will thank you but your body will thank you like never before. This thing will give you Hot Fresh sensations that will yield bigger,longer and harder orgasms that happen more often.

Next up in the Liberator line is the Stage. I know that sounds a little like you are going to have to perform or something. Actually this piece can help you perform wonders on your partner. This piece just gets you off the floor or bed so you can use your legs to make things happen. Your legs give you more leverage and can make your lovemaking sessions very intense.

If you add the combo to the stage you can get into some positions that defy gravity and will take you and your partner to a place that many have not been. Total and complete satisfaction. If you think that you can take care of someone's sexual hunger now imagine what would happen if you had this bedroom adventure gear on your next sexual adventure. I do recommend taking a break every now and again. Also don't forget to get some great water based lubricant. I know a lot of you out there are going do I really need it. Trust me when you get these pillows you are not going to want to stop bumping and grinding for hours and hours. The lubricant will keep you from getting soar and will keep the movement going and going and going. Again visit the Playground for all your lubricant needs. I know the guys over at xjays have more than just pillows and lubricant let me tell you. What is great about that store is everything is right there. The price is right on every page next to every product so you don't have to go searching around just to get a price. You add what you want to the cart and check out. When it gets delivered it is in a plain brown box and no one needs to know what is in it. Anyway lets get back to the Liberator pillow stuff again.

Next up in the lineup of pillows is the Cube. I know what you are thinking how can a cube help me out with sex. First off take a look at the picture. Now can you imagine coming up from behind and making your move. Who wouldn't take care of business if this was the business you were in. I know I would. The thing is in this position He feels huge and she feels tight. What more can you ask for.

Now let me tell you about the next piece on our tour of the Liberator lineup. This is the largest piece that they have and in my opinion the coolest piece that they have. The Esse is what I am talking about. I don't think that there is a place on this incredible love couch that you couldn't get down on. It has all the right curves just like a woman. You can start at the top and work your way down. Not to mention it is absolutely the most comfortable couch you have ever sat on. This thing can do it all. The Esse comes with a mini scoop that fits in the curve to give you more ways to make it work to your benefit. Take control of your sex life and get into a Liberator product today.

Anyway that is my opinion about the Liberator Line of Love pillows. If you have any questions or comments please let me know!

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