Saturday, January 06, 2007

Dalinda's Frisky Ferret from Las Vegas.

If you enjoy watching Las Vegas like I do then you already know about the episode that aired last night with the frisky ferret. Dalinda purchased a frisky ferret to add a little spice to her and danny's sex life. I have looked all over for a frisky ferret and can't find one. I also can't find this angry anaconda that SAM traded up for. I have an Idea that these are both multifunction vibrators with different animal names. The use of animal names on these vibrators comes from the far east where they first invented these beavers and rabbits. I imagine that a frisky ferret would work and I would love to see an angry anaconda. The character in Las Vegas did seem to find the pleasure derived from the frisky ferret and the angry anaconda to be quit Divine. A quote from someone close to me says that "every woman should own one of these". So I am going to show you a few of these animal creations from XJays Sex Toy Outlet.

Pearl Panther Vibrator
Ravenous Rabbit Vibrator
Here are a few of the frisky ferret type vibrators that are offered for endless pleasure over at XJays sex toy outlet. First off is the pearl panther. The panther offers vibration for your clitoris and rotating pearls for your labia and a rotating head for your g-spot. The Panther will keep you happy in the jungle that is for sure. Now for the ravenous rabbit. The rabbit doesn't have the pearls but it will still break you into the frisky ferret type vibrators. With clitoral stimulation and a rotating head your worries are over until the batteries wear out. Now if you go to XJays and are looking for the Frisky Ferret Type Vibrators just look under Vibrators to the left in the navigation box. At the bottom of the pop-out box is the beaver and rabbit vibes section. There are three pages of these kinds of vibrators to choose from and they all have varied speed and controls and are all priced from 20 dollars to 120 dollars. Don't be afraid to try one depending on your budget. They will all pleasure you endlessly.


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