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Phallix Glass

As you can see by the beautiful display of phallix glass artwork above there are a great number of different variations on the one concept. We are going to look at how Phallix glass came about and look at all the different products that they offer. All of witch you can purchase at XJays Adult Playground.
Not to mention that they have the best prices on the net for phallix glass products. Lets get this started by finding out who is responsible for Phallix Glass. That would be the CEO Rick Plank. Rick came from a career in the music business. He worked at A&M records and did some work for interscope as well. There he worked with big names like Tupac and Primus.

After leaving the music biz Rick went to work for one of his friends in the glass making trade. At that time they were making hand blow glass smoking pipes. He got really good at selling these glass pipes. Then the big bomb hit, 1995 Jerry Garcia died. So he got a bunch of these guys that make glass pipes together and started a business in which they sold hand blown glass pipes. So a bunch a hippies and Rick started selling glass pipes all over the place. Soon Rick started to look around to find another area in witch these hand blown glass pieces of art could be used. That's when he saw a company making some low quality glass sex toys. He got some of his glass artists to come up with some feature pieces and they went to the AVN show in Las Vegas.

There in Vegas they were seen by everyone and received a lot of good press especially from Playboy, Penthouse, Wicked, and Vivid. These same people that they meet, helped them get recognition in the biz and got them started on the rollercoaster that is Phallix glass today. The Phallix glass company has doubled its business every year since its inception. Now Rick is targeting the overseas market as well.

This high grade glass is called Borosilicate Glass and one of its brand names is Pyrex glass. Phallix uses German Schott glass witch is more Pristine than Pyrex. Anyway they are both medical grade glass that is highly durable and will stay beautiful as long as you have it. The colors will not wear off because they are inside of the glass. Besides being solid and beautiful they are quit functional as a sex toy. These glass sex toys can hold heat and cold very well in fact try sicking one in the freezer for about 10 minutes or putting one in a bowl of water and putting it in the microwave for three minutes. Both of these extreme temperatures with mess with your senses especially in those sensitive areas.

So what do we know.
1: Phallix glass is medical grade
2: Phallix glass Is easy to clean and take care of
3: Phallix glass is beautiful
4: Phallix glass Holds heat and cold
5: Phallix glass is made by Glass Artists(Hippies)

Now what does Rick and the gang over at phallix do next you ask? They go and get the big ones. Hustler magazine cover, High times magazine cover, featured in xxx porn movies. People are literally loving these things. They get coverage on the playboy channel. Not a whole lot of companies getting those kinds of promo advertising these days. What a great job Rick has. Going to photo shoots with sexy women using his product.

So what is the big deal you say? Have you seen these things well I am going to show them to you. I will walk you through the jungle of phallix glass.

As you can see by the phallix glass dildo to the left(FP-7) they are built to do a job. They are built to give pleasure and let me tell you that the smooth hearty feeling of these bad boys is out of control. They are incredibly smooth because of the glass. With some great lubricant you can't beat the feeling that these sex toys bring. The little bumps all over the shaft of this glass cock will make you wiggle like a wet noodle.

But I have to tell you there are many more shapes and colors to choose from for instance the next piece that we are going to look at has what is called dichroic paint inside of it. Dichroic paint is what NASA uses to protect and reflect light in the space ships glass and on the astronauts suit and visor. This highly reflective material makes for a great paint. Its very expensive and hard to work with that is one reason the dichroic pieces are so much more money.

So to the left here is one of the dichroic pieces. Can see that it has little stars all over, that's because they used star etching on the piece. This one's stock number is FP-18ST. These things go mostly by stock numbers although I think they need names. But who am I anyway. I know that it is hard to see on the picture but the rainbow coloring that is wrapping the shaft is very shiny and reflective. The piece is more like an incredible piece of glass art. However it is also a very effective sex toy. And what's great is it will never tarnish or fade because the dichroic is inside the glass. Now there is another very specific kind of work these guys do and it is called lattachino.

The lattachino is when they braid the colors together inside of the piece. That makes for a very interesting effect inside the glass.

kind of looks like human DNA strands inside of the glass doesn't it. If you take a look to the picture on the right. That is a FP-10M. It is the smaller version of the FP-10. Notice how incredible they all look. These artists really go out of their way to make these products jump out at you.

Now we have seen different colors on the inside how about different colors all together. Next is A FP67.1. The body is cobalt
Blue and it has that sweet dichroic paint up top making a head on the top of this adult toy. There are plenty of other colors to take a look at but I am more interested in styles. Now we have seen the very smooth and the very bumpy pieces now how about the pieces that are designed to hit that g-spot.
These color wrapped g-spot SH-1's are called Mister Squiggly. These actually have a name witch I like. Anyway take a look at the bumps stratigically placed on the one side of the dildo. Those bumps are there for a reason and that reason is called the g-spot. I know, I know, no one knows if it is there or not. You just have to practice trying to find it and if you do that's great if you don't then keep trying. It's not like your having great sex or anything. That is what all this is about right. Having great sex. I know that is what I strive for. The better the sex the better the relationship is in my opinion.

Alright enough of my opinion's or we will be here all day, right. Next up in the phallix line up is the Juicer. I know you say Juicer what the heck does that mean. Well if you look at the top of the head on this piece to the right it looks like a juicer top. I can tell you that the juice will be a flowin when you use this thing. They call it a rotary dildo. So you insert the piece into the vagina and you spin. The little bumps on the face plate rotate on the clit and wala presto chango you have an orgasm. What could be better than that right. It's easy for the guy all he does is insert and spin. Easy for the ladies couse all they do is hang out and wait. It will come I assure you. Next up is the Love Batons.
What is great about this phallix product is that it comes with a handle so that you can use it on yourself when your partner isn't home. It can be our little secret I won't tell. All love batons come with a handle and there are plenty to choose from. Bumpy, Smooth, Dichroic, and lattachino there all there just got to pick one.

Now for the next couple of items from phallix glass we are going to quickly summarize. These items include the double ended dildo and the double penetration ray guns. As you can see these

Products are not for everyone but the people that do buy these kinds of products find them to be perfect.

Above the Ray gun is a FP-43AM and the Double ended dildo is a DC-56 both of witch are available at XJays. Now for all you anal lovers out there the did not forget you. We have a couple
of butt plugs available to you. Taking a look to the left over here you will see the FP-47. This butt plug is 4.5" tall and 1.5" wide. The heads on the butt plugs are .75" to 1" larger than the body. The large bases on the butt plugs keep them from disappearing completely. Again the completely smooth texture of the glass makes for a seamless entrance and exit. Be sure to purchase plenty of lube when you get your Butt plug or any sex toy for that matter. The more lubrication the better it feels and the safer it is.

Alright just a few more products to go and our tour of the phallix glass team will be over. Now our next product if fairly new but I am very excited about it because it is so different from anything that I have ever seen before.

They are called Phallix Precious Steel. They are precision made polished chrome alloy and stainless steel erotica. If you take a look to the right you will see one shiny dildo.

As you can see this is a whole new ballgame for phallix to consider. They have taken these and encrusted them with jewels. They have made juicers out of the material. As you can see the possibilities are endless for this kind of sex toy. I don't know what the future holds for the guys over there at phallix but we will always be watching and wondering what they will come up with next. I am going to put a few more pictures at the bottom of this post for you guys to take a look at. Thanks for reading about phallix and keep on coming back for more updates. If you would like to add this blog to your RSS the link is Thanks,


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