Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Sybaris Getaway!

As you can see from this picture above the Sybaris is one of the sweetest places I have ever been. My wife and I are both professional people. High stress jobs. Both of us with high goals for ourselves and just trying to make the right decitions all day long. Man I tell you there is nothing like going to the sybaris. It is the time when we come together and say time to get away just the two of us. We get all giddy like little kids when we know it is coming because we have to plan it a month in advance to meet both of our scedules.

Now if you take a look at the picture to the left here you will notice that there is even a slide in the room.
What is great about this place is that you are away from everything you know what I mean. Nothing around the doors are closed. There are no windows in the place wich is so nice. It is dark and when you first walk into your room they have some jazzy music playen. You close that door and it is like the whole world is on the outside of that door and your tucked away in your little den of heven. You have a pool and a hot tub all to your self. You can swim in the little pool and wade around like you don't have a care in the world. That place is your awasis in the land of civilaztion. You know what I mean the world has become so complicated all of the sudden. You are trying to pay your bills so both of you are working just so you can have a nice car and a decent place to live. If you don't have two incomes today you just might not make it. You know. So everybody is working so hard and schedules are conflicted everything is lost in the hustle and the bustle of today.
Sorry, had a relapse. I was talking about the serenity of the sybaris. Ok so there are no windows and only one door. They have a TV with cable of some sort right and they also have a stereo with a dvd player and vhs player. A cd and cassette player for you good ol boys. All this stuff so you can enjoy yourself. There is a little fridge under the sink and the bathrooms are huge and have two tolets you know the whole buday thing. Anyway you usually get some swanky robes to wear. Basically every thing is spot on if you know what I mean.

I love the suites with the pools in them that is my favorite. You get a little buzz on and lay around in the water OOOOOHHHHHH. I can just imagine myself there right now!!!!
Ok I am alright just day dreaming. The sybaris that we usually go to just got these sweet chairs from sharper image. The are massage chairs and man do they do the trick. I know so many people going to the chiropracter these days and getting massages and adjustments. These massage chairs may solve a lot of that. After our last visit we looked at the chairs to purchase one and they are quite reasonable. Check these things out at Sharper image.

The I Joy Turbo 2 is what it is called. These things are the way to go let me tell you. This thing feels like someone is actually giving you a massage. You can make the thing as hard or as soft as you would like it. This thing will massage your back from top to bottom. You can lay the back down all the way if you want and just lay there and let this thing put you to sleep. I will get in it and it has this thing where you can just start it and it will do all the different parts of your body all in one session for like 15 miniuts. So I just lay there for like a half an hour when we first get there. Now I am loose and ready for some water sports.

After I have had enough of the chair from heaven I will normally go take a dip in the pool. I like it so its just below your body temperature so you can just sit there and float around. Keep in mind this place is totally cut off from everything. No phones, no window, no people except for your lover!!

Now the two of you are nice and loose your all alone with no kids. No office calling you. No clients on your back trying to get you to bend over backwards for them. Just the two of you alllll alone. This brings me to my next point what do you do when your all alone. I know what I do but we all are different. So I recomend taking a look a place called XJays. This place has got it all. If your looking for some weekend getaway gear or maybe some weekday adventure gear these guys have got it. There logo is Before the Wedding and After the Honeymoon! If that tells you anything.

Anyway Back to the Sybaris. Your all alone in this buetiful room with your jazz music playing and the fireplace going. Everything is perfect. Have a glass of wine and just enjoy your self and each other.


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