Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sex Toy Review, The Osaki Twister

Here it is the Osaki Twister. This one to the left is the twister in red. This sex toy also comes in blue and a very special glow in the dark version. All of witch do exactly the same thing. We are going to take a close look at the functions and performance of the Osaki Twister so that you can tell weather or not this sex toy is for you or not. Let's get started shall we.

The first thing that you notice when you pick up the osaki Twister is that it has a design on it. If you look closely you will see that the design is of a woman with her arms crossed in front of her and on the back side you will see a long pony tail and some other markings all around the sex toy. I don't know what this is supposed to represent but it does give the adult toy a lot of groves to stimulate the inside of the vagina. That is always a good thing. You will also see a large round protrusion sticking out from the top of the vibrator. This is in the shape of an animal of some sort most likely a beaver. A slang term for a woman's vagina is a beaver just in case you didn't know. So that is why a beaver was probably selected for this job. Now you will also notice a large power pack and a control station in the front of the vibrator as well.

First we will look at the battery installation. The twister takes 3 AA batteries all of witch get stuffed into the back of the control station. You slide the back off and install the batteries. The first two batteries go into the bottom and the pictures on the inside of the battery compartment tell you witch way to put them in but the last on that goes on the top you will have to guess one way or the other. Once you have the batteries taken care of the vibrator is ready for action. But before we get to that I would like to say that I don't like the top to the battery compartment because it just slides on. Sometimes the back slides off because there is no lock or latch of any kind. This is the only problem I see with the battery compartment.
Now for the front of the control station you have four buttons to contend with. On the top it says on off. Down the right side it says low, high, slow, and fast and down the left side it says vibration and twister. What this all comes down to is that when you press a button that function comes on. The first two buttons are for vibration and they are low and high. So what happens when you press the first button is the beaver or clitoral vibrator starts to vibrate. Then when you press the high button the beaver goes a lot faster. However if you press the high button first nothing will happen. You have to have the first or low button turned on before you press the high or like I said it will not work. Now if you take a closer look at the beaver or clitoral stimulator you will see that the beaver has his tongue sticking out. The idea is that you place the beaver's tongue right on your clitoris. Everyone is different of course and different people like different things including where and how intense they like their vibration. So with that being said how and where you apply the beaver is up to you. I advise when using any sex toy you start with the lowest setting and work your way up. If you feel any pain what so ever stop. There should however be no pain when using this vibrator. Only intense pleasure.
Back to the controls. Like I said before the top two buttons are for the vibration of the beaver and the bottom two buttons are for the twisting or rotation of the body and head of the sex toy. If you press the slow button you will see the body and head of the twister will start going around in a slow circle. Now if you press the fast button you will see the head rotate faster. Keep in mind the fast button doesn't work if the slow button is not pressed. Now as far as what the rotation of the head and body is for. That rotation not only stimulates the inside of the vagina but also sometimes hits the g-spot. I am not ready to delve into the mystery of the g-spot at this time but I assure you that I will do a post on it soon. Back to the Osaki Twister. Now when you combine the two actions together that is when the magic happens. Be sure to use a nice lubricant so that everything goes very smooth.
My wife and I have had out twister for quite some time and I remember when we first got it she said and I quote "every woman should have one of there things". I believe that is a pretty bold statement. I know that she loves her osaki twister and would not give it up for anything. She says that it has the right amount of vibration and twisting action to send her over the edge very quickly. Having used it on her quite frequently I know that is a true statement. I can get her to climax in like 3 or 4 minuets with the osaki twister. That is some kind of record or something I think. For those guys out there or those girls out there who are having a hard time getting to a climax this is the first toy that I recommend for you. The great thing about this sex toy also is the fact that it is priced very well. At 22.99 for all the orgasms that you can handle that is a steel. Think about it what is an orgasm really worth anyway. I would spend a whole lot more money to get off that is for sure.

In closing I will say that both my wife and myself are partial to the osaki twister because we have had it for so long and it has been a hard working part of our sexual enjoyment. I am going to give the osaki twister an 8 out of 10 on the Clydesdale scale. Again the Clydesdale scale is measured by how many Clydesdale's it would take to remove this sex toy out of my wife's hands. So in close I will say that if there is one sex toy that you should own this is one of the front runners. Please if you have any comments or you would like to contact us at xjays simply send me an email to

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