Saturday, January 06, 2007

Dalinda's Frisky Ferret from Las Vegas.

If you enjoy watching Las Vegas like I do then you already know about the episode that aired last night with the frisky ferret. Dalinda purchased a frisky ferret to add a little spice to her and danny's sex life. I have looked all over for a frisky ferret and can't find one. I also can't find this angry anaconda that SAM traded up for. I have an Idea that these are both multifunction vibrators with different animal names. The use of animal names on these vibrators comes from the far east where they first invented these beavers and rabbits. I imagine that a frisky ferret would work and I would love to see an angry anaconda. The character in Las Vegas did seem to find the pleasure derived from the frisky ferret and the angry anaconda to be quit Divine. A quote from someone close to me says that "every woman should own one of these". So I am going to show you a few of these animal creations from XJays Sex Toy Outlet.

Pearl Panther Vibrator
Ravenous Rabbit Vibrator
Here are a few of the frisky ferret type vibrators that are offered for endless pleasure over at XJays sex toy outlet. First off is the pearl panther. The panther offers vibration for your clitoris and rotating pearls for your labia and a rotating head for your g-spot. The Panther will keep you happy in the jungle that is for sure. Now for the ravenous rabbit. The rabbit doesn't have the pearls but it will still break you into the frisky ferret type vibrators. With clitoral stimulation and a rotating head your worries are over until the batteries wear out. Now if you go to XJays and are looking for the Frisky Ferret Type Vibrators just look under Vibrators to the left in the navigation box. At the bottom of the pop-out box is the beaver and rabbit vibes section. There are three pages of these kinds of vibrators to choose from and they all have varied speed and controls and are all priced from 20 dollars to 120 dollars. Don't be afraid to try one depending on your budget. They will all pleasure you endlessly.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Sex Toys For Christmas

Sex toys for a christmas gift can be a great gift for both of you. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving. So give your sex life a little CPR and breath some life back into your sex life.

Check us out at
XJays Adult Playground.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sex Toys & Female Orgasms

Sex Toys & Female Orgasms

When talking about the female orgasm a lot of times sex toys come to mind. Mostly because a lot of women out there have a hard time getting to an orgasm. Sure sex feels great but there are a lot of women out there who don't ever come to an orgasm. There are several reasons for this. One of witch is the fact that their lover does not know how to bring them to it. They don't know how to touch them or how to stimulate the right spots on their body.

The Lucky Few

However for those few women out there who have no problem getting to that elusive orgasm most of what is contained here is just another way to add pleasure to your already pleasurable situation. This group of women are very sensitive and even come with just penetration. Again these women are few and far between. For you ladies trying out some of the products and positions that you will see in this blog can just heighten your erotic pleasure.

Pleasure Points

If you are like most women orgasms don't come that easily for you. Let's talk a little about where the pleasure points are on most women and then we can talk about what you can use to get to that orgasm.

  • The Clitoris: The clitoris is by far the best way to create an orgasm. This is the most sensitive part of a woman's vagina.
  • The G-Spot: Most women have a g-spot and just have not found it but I assure you most of you have one and it can be a great way to have an explosive orgasm.
  • Anal Stimulation: Anal stimulation can be used to get a woman to a mind blowing orgasm, however first off a lot of women are uncomfortable with that kind of stimulation.
  • Straight Penetration: Like I said earlier there are some women that can have an orgasm from just straight penetration.

  • Jelly Dildo

    Let's break these down. Now as far as straight penetration goes if this kind of stimulation is what you like best then maybe you just need to be looking at a dildo of some sort. There are tons of different variations on this sex toy. One of the ones that I recommend for your first use is the jelly dildo. These dildo's are great because they are flexible not super hard like some of the other products out there. The example to the left here is a lavender jelly dildo. Notice that is resembles a real penis in shape and size. You can choose a bunch of different sizes as far as length and width with these dildo's. Start out with something like this for first timers and then move up to a realistic dildo or a multi-function dildo.

    G-spot Stimulation

    First lets talk about where the g-spot is located and then we can talk about how to stimulate it with a sex toy. Ok the women is laying on her back legs spread. Now have your lover take their right hand and put the palm up like you are reading the palm. Curl all your fingers back except the middle one. Lubricate this last finger and insert it into the woman's vagina most of the way in. Now start moving your finger up and down and maybe even in a circle on the top wall of her vagina towards her belly button. This is the area where the g-spot is. Now some women it is shorter and some it is deeper in there so the best way to find it is with a g-spot sex toy like the one to the right here. This sex toy has a bent tip on it so that you can use it to find the g-spot and massage it to an orgasm. There again there are a tremendous about of different toys out there that all do the same thing. What you need to be looking for is something high quality. Don't settle for a 10 dollar toy. You will be disappointed in it. After all how much is a great orgasm worth to you. If you buy a good sex toy it can give you hundreds of mind blowing orgasms. Another toy that you may want to look into is the multi-function vibrator that hits the g-spot and the clitoris at the same time. We will talk about them later on.

    Anal Stimulation

    Now I know that there are a lot of ladies out there that are scared or embarrassed by the whole anal thing. For those of you please take a look at XJays article on Anal Sex. The anal cavity on a woman or a man for that matter has a ton of nerve endings and that in turn lends to a lot of sensations that can lead to an extremely powerful orgasm. If fact there are woman out there that say that the anal orgasm is the most powerful. It takes a lot of practice and a special touch to make anal intercourse pleasurable. You must take your time and make sure that you use plenty of lubricant for this kind of sex. As far as sex toys go there are several different variations of anal sex toys. The butt plug to the left here is a favorite because of its unique shape. The sex toy allows for penetration but the flared bottom keeps it from disappearing. There are also sex toys called anal beads. I would leave the beads to the more advanced anal sex adventures.

    Clitoral stimulation

    Now I know you are looking at this cone thing to the right here and are saying to yourself what the heck is that. The cone is a revolutionary new sex toy that can be used in many different ways to stimulate different parts of the body. The cone has a flexible texture and kind of molds to the position that you want it to. The best part is that it vibrates and a bunch of different speeds and even has a climax button. You can use the cone or many other sex toys to vibrate your clitoris to an explosive orgasm. See most women this is the only way that they can have an orgasm is with a lot of attention being payed to the clitoris. Now if your lover doesn't know how to please your clitoris or you are just looking to have some fun there are a ton of different kinds of clitoral stimulators on the market. One of the very best is the multi-function vibrators. They are most commonly referred to as rabbit or beaver style vibrators. These vibrators have several different motions to help bring you to an orgasm. The heads and body of these vibrators rotate and stimulate your g-spot on the inside and some even have beads that rotate and stimulate the opening of the vagina. On the outside of the vibrator there is a little motor that vibrates the clitoris at the same time. Now for those of you that have tried everything out there the multi-function rabbit style vibrators are the best for getting out the hardest most stubborn orgasm. There is an example of one of these sex toys right here at the bottom.

    Like I said there are tons of different variations on each one of these sex toys and you need to find out witch ones are going to fit you the best. Remember you get what you pay for.

    For the best in top quality sex toys at a fair discount go on over and see what they have to offer at

    XJays Adult Playground

    Thursday, September 28, 2006

    Peekaboo Stripper Pole
    Peekaboo Stripper Pole

    That is right you can have your very own stripper pole right in your very own bedroom. Imagine just sitting on your bed or even better sitting on your couch in your living room watching your woman perform for you. Now obviously she shouldn't be doing those hang from the ceiling, spinning upside down moves with this pole. If your woman can do that just have a real one installed and call it a day. This pole is more for the amateur house wife who just wants to put on a little show before you guys get it on.
    The best thing about this stripper pole is that you can just slide it in just about anywhere as long as it is shorter than 8 foot 6 inches. You don't need to drill anything or put any holes in the ceiling. This pole is spring loaded and simply slides together. It can be used anywhere you need to have a stripper. For a guy that can be anywhere.

    Stripper Pole includes

  • 3 Piece Chrome Pole
  • Instructional Guide with Dance Moves
  • Peekaboo Sexy Garter
  • The pole is actually quite sturdy. When I first saw this product I thought to myself this thing can't be very stable. I was wrong. The instructional guide with dance moves is pretty sweet as well but if you want your woman to really get you hot you may want to go out and get that video that Carmen Electra put together. It is all about Aerobic Striptease. Add Carmen's moves to the stripper pole and you might just have something there. Now as far as the Sexy Garter goes I think that your woman can come up with something a little better than that. Have her put in some pigtails and put on a little school girls outfit and go to town.

    I don't think that this thing will come down unless I am having company over. Even then two girls on one stripper pole sounds pretty good to.

    Thursday, May 18, 2006

    Sex Toy Review, The Osaki Twister

    Here it is the Osaki Twister. This one to the left is the twister in red. This sex toy also comes in blue and a very special glow in the dark version. All of witch do exactly the same thing. We are going to take a close look at the functions and performance of the Osaki Twister so that you can tell weather or not this sex toy is for you or not. Let's get started shall we.

    The first thing that you notice when you pick up the osaki Twister is that it has a design on it. If you look closely you will see that the design is of a woman with her arms crossed in front of her and on the back side you will see a long pony tail and some other markings all around the sex toy. I don't know what this is supposed to represent but it does give the adult toy a lot of groves to stimulate the inside of the vagina. That is always a good thing. You will also see a large round protrusion sticking out from the top of the vibrator. This is in the shape of an animal of some sort most likely a beaver. A slang term for a woman's vagina is a beaver just in case you didn't know. So that is why a beaver was probably selected for this job. Now you will also notice a large power pack and a control station in the front of the vibrator as well.

    First we will look at the battery installation. The twister takes 3 AA batteries all of witch get stuffed into the back of the control station. You slide the back off and install the batteries. The first two batteries go into the bottom and the pictures on the inside of the battery compartment tell you witch way to put them in but the last on that goes on the top you will have to guess one way or the other. Once you have the batteries taken care of the vibrator is ready for action. But before we get to that I would like to say that I don't like the top to the battery compartment because it just slides on. Sometimes the back slides off because there is no lock or latch of any kind. This is the only problem I see with the battery compartment.
    Now for the front of the control station you have four buttons to contend with. On the top it says on off. Down the right side it says low, high, slow, and fast and down the left side it says vibration and twister. What this all comes down to is that when you press a button that function comes on. The first two buttons are for vibration and they are low and high. So what happens when you press the first button is the beaver or clitoral vibrator starts to vibrate. Then when you press the high button the beaver goes a lot faster. However if you press the high button first nothing will happen. You have to have the first or low button turned on before you press the high or like I said it will not work. Now if you take a closer look at the beaver or clitoral stimulator you will see that the beaver has his tongue sticking out. The idea is that you place the beaver's tongue right on your clitoris. Everyone is different of course and different people like different things including where and how intense they like their vibration. So with that being said how and where you apply the beaver is up to you. I advise when using any sex toy you start with the lowest setting and work your way up. If you feel any pain what so ever stop. There should however be no pain when using this vibrator. Only intense pleasure.
    Back to the controls. Like I said before the top two buttons are for the vibration of the beaver and the bottom two buttons are for the twisting or rotation of the body and head of the sex toy. If you press the slow button you will see the body and head of the twister will start going around in a slow circle. Now if you press the fast button you will see the head rotate faster. Keep in mind the fast button doesn't work if the slow button is not pressed. Now as far as what the rotation of the head and body is for. That rotation not only stimulates the inside of the vagina but also sometimes hits the g-spot. I am not ready to delve into the mystery of the g-spot at this time but I assure you that I will do a post on it soon. Back to the Osaki Twister. Now when you combine the two actions together that is when the magic happens. Be sure to use a nice lubricant so that everything goes very smooth.
    My wife and I have had out twister for quite some time and I remember when we first got it she said and I quote "every woman should have one of there things". I believe that is a pretty bold statement. I know that she loves her osaki twister and would not give it up for anything. She says that it has the right amount of vibration and twisting action to send her over the edge very quickly. Having used it on her quite frequently I know that is a true statement. I can get her to climax in like 3 or 4 minuets with the osaki twister. That is some kind of record or something I think. For those guys out there or those girls out there who are having a hard time getting to a climax this is the first toy that I recommend for you. The great thing about this sex toy also is the fact that it is priced very well. At 22.99 for all the orgasms that you can handle that is a steel. Think about it what is an orgasm really worth anyway. I would spend a whole lot more money to get off that is for sure.

    In closing I will say that both my wife and myself are partial to the osaki twister because we have had it for so long and it has been a hard working part of our sexual enjoyment. I am going to give the osaki twister an 8 out of 10 on the Clydesdale scale. Again the Clydesdale scale is measured by how many Clydesdale's it would take to remove this sex toy out of my wife's hands. So in close I will say that if there is one sex toy that you should own this is one of the front runners. Please if you have any comments or you would like to contact us at xjays simply send me an email to

    Lastly you can take a look at my web site over at for top quality sex toys and bedroom adventure gear. We have great pricing and a wonderful selection of the best sex toys that the top manufactures have to offer. Thanks and enjoy!

    Wednesday, May 17, 2006

    First Review for the 7th Heaven Teddy Bear

    Here is XJays review of the 7th Heaven Teddy Bear. The teddy bear in the the rabbit/beaver category of sex toys. Maybe better known is the multi-function sex toy. The teddy bear is distributed by Pipe Dreams and as far as I know only comes in one color. When we received the teddy bear my wife was all excited about it because she loves her other beaver(we will get to that shortly)and was hoping that the upgrade was going to be great. When I removed the teddy bear from its package, witch looks exactly like the picture, I noticed how heavy it was. It felt like it was constructed well not flimsy or easily breakable. I liked that for sure. One of the stranger things that I noticed when looking at the sex toy was the metal looking center piece. I didn't realize how mechanical it looked until I received it. All in all it was what I ordered and what I expected from the adult toy.

    The next thing that I did is put batteries in it. Very easy to do just pull the back cover open and pull out the middle section of the battery pack. The thing about the batteries is that you have to put four AA batteries into it. You wouldn't know that by just removing the back cover you have to remove the battery pack in there and turn it around to see that it needs two more batteries. That's not so bad but the fact that there is nothing telling you to do that is the thing. I can see people putting the two batteries in the thing and going why doesn't it work. I think there should be some kind of diagram or something somewhere either on the box or in a little insert or something. But anyway when you do get the batteries into the sex toy that's when the fun begins.

    So I have the batteries in the teddy bear and now I get to give the sex toy it's first test run. there are four buttons on the teddy bear. The first is the on off button so I turned that on first. Then I hit the 7th heaven button. That is how it is labeled but what it does is makes the little teddy bears hands vibrate. So I hit the vibrate button on the console. The console by the way is very stylish and easy to operate. When I hit the button the teddy bears hands started to vibrate and then I hit it again and they vibrated faster and the third push they got very fast. The next four pushes of the button were the ones that I couldn't believe. One of them was like Morris code it would vibrate at different lengths and different intensities. Another push of the button and the vibration was on like some kind of cycle. It would slowly intensify and then stop and go back down and slowly intensify again. The last two pushes of the 7th heaven button are different degrees of these two functions. So to sum up that button you can adjust what kind of sensation that feels the best on your clitoris to make you climax. If you like it fast or slow or an escalation of vibration the 7th heaven teddy bear has got it.
    Now for the other button. It is labeled rotation and it has a off and on arrow on both sides of a lighted bar. When you press the on button the first bar comes on like a signal bar on your cell phone. As you press the on button the more bars go up the scale and the faster the rotation becomes. Not only does the head of the vibrator start to move but the mechanical balls in the middle of the shaft also start to rotate. There are five bars of rotation speed and if you press the off button the speed of the rotation and the amount of bars goes down. What is great about this is you can dial in the right speed of rotation for the best orgasm.

    Ok to sum up what I have experienced so far is I like the shape and the feel of the sex toy. I like the adjustable functions and the control panel. What I don't like so far is the way the battery compartment works or the need for more information regarding it.

    Now comes the real test I will hand it over to the other half and see what she thinks about it.
    Her first impression was that the mechanical looking balls in the middle remind her of her last gyno appointment. But besides that she liked the size and the buttons were easy enough to understand.

    We always try out the products that we test a couple of times to make sure of what we liked and disliked about a sex toy and that is the next section of our review.

    Performance) The performance section of the review talks about how everything worked during sex. Now obviously this part is going to come from her. What she said during the first and second trial was that she didn't like the mechanical beads so much. I think a lot of that had to do with the fact it reminded her of the gyno visit but that was a concern. She also didn't like the fact that the teddy bear or clitoral stimulant has two hands that stimulate the clitoris on either side but don't really touch the clit at all. With all fairness I have to say that her clitoris does not get very big so that may be one problem that out of all of this we really pinpoint. If you have a small clitoris or your doesn't grow a great deal that this may not be the product for you. However if your clitoris does grow or is large that this product may be just what you are looking for. So needless to say my wife didn't like that 7th heaven teddy bear that much. She did say that maybe a little more manipulation you could get it to work better. Like I said maybe just not the right sex toy for her. Again on my end all I do is work the control panel and that seemed to work fine for me.

    Now as far as pricing goes I have the product fairly priced on my site at 52.99 and that seems to be pretty fair for what you get to me. It is not the cheapest multi-function you can get but there are a lot of upgrades on this one for the price as well. I have come up with a scale to test new products that come out and I am calling it the clydesdale scale. It goes from 1 to 10. It measures how many clydesdale's it would take to pull this toy out of your woman's hands. I don't think that it would take no more than 1 Clydesdale to remove this sex toy from my wife's hands so I am giving the 7th heaven teddy bear a 2 on the clydesdale scale because of its design and ease of use. Now this could be different for your woman like I said. You may not be able to take this thing from here hands with ten Clydesdale's.

    Now if you take a look at my site at XJays adult playground you will find a lot of different rabbit/beaver type sex toys. We are going to try to test out as many of these adult toys as we can and I have enlisted a couple of other couples to do some research for me as well. I would like to review all of the products that I offer at XJays but that will take some time so if you have any comments or would like to write a review about a product that you have used and liked or disliked please let me know. My email is Don't hesitate to send me any information that you would like. I love to hear about how people like or dislike products and It helps me put the right inventory together.

    Thursday, March 30, 2006

    Rabbits for Easter or for Something Else!!

    Rabbits are great for Easter but they are also quite wonderful for other things. If you take a look at the picture to the left you will see the Ravenous Rabbit. This incredible sex toy is part of a class of sex toys I like to refer to Rabbits/Beavers(R/B). This group of adult toys got their names mainly from Japan where they started. Because in Japan at one time it was illegal to produce sex toys that looked like a penis. So the Japanese took it upon themselves to make sex toys to resemble sea and woodland creatures. These names include:Rabbit, Beaver, Dolphin, Jack Rabbit, Osaki Twister, Hop'n Rabbit and many more. That is how these perfect sex toys came about. Now we are going to take a look at a few of these products and talk about the differences so that you can make an educated buying decition

    when you are ready to get one of these R/B.

    If you take a look up top and to the right you will see a ravenous rabbit and to the right an osaki twister. Both of these R/B's are on the lower end of the price scale. Now when we are talking about the R/B's there are a few different things that we want to address. First off what all does it do. For the most part there are three things that these vibrators do. One is the shaft rotates to try and find the g-spot. Now I know that some of you believe in the g-spot and some of you don't and I can understand that but this motion will stimulate the inside of the vagina weather it finds the g-spot or not. Second if you take a close look at the top of the osaki twister right above the controls you will see a large lump with a little point on it. This part of the twister rests on top of her clitoris and vibrates. For a lot of women out there clitoral orgasms are all that you have ever had if you have had one at all. I know a female in her forties that had her first real orgasm not to long ago and it was because of one of these R/B style vibrators. So that bump on top of the vibrator sets right on the clitoris

    and vibrates until you climax. That is one of the best things about these sex toys is that they continue to work until you have an orgasm. They don't get tired they don't complain and they don't need anything except a new battery every now and again.

    Now take a look at the Impulse Jack Rabbit to the left over here. Now we have stepped it up a notch in the ol price game. Now we have added another level to the orgasm game as well. You see those beads in the middle of the shaft. Well those beads rotate to pleasure the opening of the vagina witch we all know is very sensitive. You add that to the rotating shaft searching for the g-spot and the rabbit ears vibrating the clitoris. Now you have an orgasm making rabbit. One woman I know said "every woman should own one of these". And I agree there is nothing else on the sex toy market today that can take a woman to an orgasm faster than one of the R/B vibrators.

    Next question on your mind is why do they all cost different amounts? That is a good question. First of all we talked about the fact that these sex toys had three basic functions right. Well some of the lower priced products don't do all of them. And some of the lower priced products only have one speed. Now the higher the price the more options you are going to have on your R/B. For example if you take a look to the right over here there is another rabbit it is called the High Joy rabbit. The neat thing about the high joy rabbit is that you can plug it right in to your computer and over the internet your partner can direct the rabbit to do whatever they want. This is great for people that travel a lot and like to play with one another over long distances. Now this rabbit is over 100 dollars and does a lot of different things. Now you ask yourself what is an orgasm worth. Is is worth 1 dollar, 5 dollars, 100 dollars for those ladies out there who have never had one it is probably worth a lot more than that.

    Now over there to the left is another R/B type vibrator called Decandent Indulgence.Now when I think about a decadent
    indulgence I think of something that overwhelmes the senses and takes me to a place where all of the stress and pressure of the day just disappear. Like eating a really expensive piece of chocolate. This sex toy got its name because when you use it there is nothing else but you and your pleasure. For you ladies out there that are going to use one of these by your self why not splurge a little and get a top notch R/B. This one has eight levels of accelerating vibrations and three unique patterns of graduated rhythmic motion. Feel the 9 strategically placed heavy duty rotating pleasure beads not to mention the well endowed deep penetrating rotating head. This sex toy attacks all the pleasure sensors on the woman's body and makes them explode.

    Now I know that all of these R/B products are good and you really only need to spend 30 to 50 dollars on one but if you want all the bells and whistles you gotta drop a little more coin. And when you think about it how many orgasms will one of these R/B's give you. They don't wear out at least I have never seen one wear out so the amount is limit less. So play all you like this sex toy isn't going anywhere.

    One more thing that I would like to address before I let you get to shopping for one of these orgasm making toys. (goto ) I have heard that a lot of guys out there are intimidated by these adult toys. They say that they can't compete with them. You would be right. You can't compete with a machine that has one sole mission and that is to make a woman have an orgasm is a matter of seconds. I am pretty good at multi-tasking but I can't compete with one of these R/B. And besides that why would you want to compete. All you have to do is kick start one of these bunnies and let it go to work a few seconds latter you have one hot and horny lady that wants to attack you. There is no replacement for a manly penis and I can tell you right now she will be all about getting into your pants after you use the rabbit on her. She will love it and so will you. Don't be afraid just get in there and have some fun. That is what having sex is all about. If you are uncomfortable talk about it and get comfortable. Now if you have any questions or comments send them to me.